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“Muslim and Debt” Now Published!

Mansoor Limba, “Muslim and Debt: 5 Practical Steps to Freedom from Debt” (, 2020).

What is lacking in both behavioral economics and personal finance is the role of the soul or spirituality which is a central theme in a monotheistic worldview. What constitutes a ‘rational’ economic behavior? What is the core element of psychological and behavioral aspects of an economic decision-making? Is it the ‘mind’? How about the notion of a ‘soul’? What is the ultimate goal of managing our personal finance? It is mere financial freedom?

My Top 3 Productivity Guides while on Quarantine

Q: What 3 books can you recommend me on productivity during this period of community quarantine?

A: Aside from pertinent religious texts and Brian Tracy’s classic “Time Management” (, the following books are my top 3 productivity guides: