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Why I’m Currently Writing a Book about Shari‘ah-compliant Investing in the Stock Market

I was a typical guy. I was also a typical guy like you or most of you. On financial matters, I thought I had a ‘strong’ tawakkul (reliance on God).

Immediately after graduation from college with a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies Major in Islamic History, I was immediately hired by the university, thanks to having graduated as magna cum laude and the 1994 top graduate in the entire Mindanao State University System (with eight campuses across Mindanao).

How to Have Daily Luxury of Time for Reading(Part 2 of 2)

Aside from (1) visualizing the benefits you will get from reading and (2) setting an exclusive, regular date with your darling book, there are three other tips and tricks we can utilize in order to get that coveted ‘luxury of time’ for reading.

Let’s also deal with them one at a time.

Get My Sha’ban Gift for You Now!

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Or, do you wish or plan to get married anytime this year?

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